This shot was taken from inside The Colosseum looking out towards The Arch of Constantine.  The sun was setting over The Roman Forum creating such a beautiful lighting both inside the Colosseum and out. Looking at this image brings back the amazing moment I experienced. At that moment it was really hard to imagine the cruelty and bloodshed that must have filled this ancient stadium. At that moment there was only warmth and beauty. I was on the last tour ant the Colosseum was starting o empty, so it felt like I had the place to myself. After listening to the tour guide and learning about everything that had happened here there was just enough time to explore and experience the place virtually on my own.

Looking out over the stadium floor, imagining the gladiators fighting to the death, hearing the roar of the crowd as exotic animals were paraded and killed for entertainment, all of a sudden the place filled with this golden light. In that moment, the roar of the crowd subsided to tranquillity as nature produced her amazing natural light show. With now clouds in the sky, the environment changed from harsh light and strong shadows, to luxurious yellows and golds. It's hard to imagine how the spectators would have felt as the gladiators fought for their lives in such a beautifully lit arena. 

I'm pleased I managed to pull my eyes away from my surroundings as I would have missed this shot. As I turned round I saw the Arch of Constantine framed in one of the 80 arches of the Colosseum. And this is the image you now see. My only wish is I bracketed the image, but, being fairly new to photography and my camera not having the option, it didn't occur to me to capture a few different exposures to blend together later. But as everyone says, the best camera is the one you have at the time, and I loved my D3300 and Sigma lens. I'm really pleased with this image and it encompasses the amazing time I had in Rome.

Isn't it fantastic how one image can bring back a day, week or even months worth of memories and emotions in one single feat?

As always, stay safe and stay inspired.

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