So this image is pretty much how it all began. But before that it really started with a little white lie. My (now) wife were planning on getting married. We certainly didn't want to pay for a photographer because we were having a small, intimate wedding  but I also wanted to capture the day. To be able to this this, I bought my first camera in May 2018 - a Nikon D3300 which came with the kit lens and a 35mm f1.8 prime. The lie came as I actually did just buy the camera for the wedding BUT I first had to learn how to use it. This is when everything changed. Learning how to use it led to learning about composition, which lead to depth of field and so on and so on. Photography engulfed my summer that year. At first I thought I'd be into abstract, or macro (both of which I do love) but the surprise to me was the love of the coast. Living in West Cumbria I am a stones trow away from the Sowlay Firth and I have simply fell in love with it.  I've always loved visiting the beach, but going there with my new keen photographers eye and me new D3300 I was seeing it in a brand new way. It still blows me away to this day and long exposures and sun sets seem to be the ME that I love to do. 

So the story of this image was taken on my first walk out after reading a couple of "how to" books on my new camera. I managed to get down to Whitehaven Marina just as the sun was setting on the edge of what is called "The Wave". TO be honest I didn't even think of this, I just saw the colours, the still mirror image of the water and knew I wanted to document this amazing still experience. So I took a couple of shots and the above image is the result.  

I have since tried to copy this image with my D850. A much more powerful camera, thinking it would capture a much more powerful image. I waited until July again as I knew the sun would set in the same position. The result??? Total disappointment. The few days I visited it was cloudy, it was windy, the water had ripples... NOTHING was as still as this moment exactly 1 year after. This taught me two things - 1. Fancy kit doesn't mean a fancy result and 2. Its that one instant moment that counts... 

It may have took a year to learn those lessons but these are probably to two most important lessons I'll ever learn, that fancy kit isn't everything but more importantly, what we capture through the lens is freezing that moment in time forever. A moment that can never be repeated. A special moment that you can share with everyone. If my work can evoke emotions, be it what I felt in that exact moment or other feelings, then I know I'm getting there with my art.

I'd love to hear from you and how this first image that began my journey makes you feel.

Stay inspired.

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